One Year Pictures

It’s scary how fast a year can go by.  Or years for that matter.  It seems like just yesterday I was sitting on the bleachers at a cooperate challenge volleyball game watching Jon play when I met Rebecca.  We hit it off immediately and made plans to get together soon.  Soon never happened, but we did eventually get together when Rebecca was expecting.  Now Roman is a year old and I can’t help but think about how fast the time has gone by.  It’s a reminder that we need to live it up every moment!  Don’t waste your time on stress, negative feelings, or ugly thoughts.  Look around the world is beautiful.  Especially when I get to photograph life.

Roman then…

Roman now…

He’s a big boy with a huge personality.  It took him awhile to get comfortable with me, but when he did he was all smiles and joy.

By total fluke I found this beautiful field of yellow blooming bean sprouts.  At least that’s what I think they were.

I love Mike and Rebecca.  We still have plans to get together for drinks.  :)  I know one of these days it will happen.

Roman is not lacking in the personality department.  What a goof!

I’ve been doing this long enough now that I’ve seen kids go from crawling to Kindergarden.  It goes so fast, I feel lucky to be the one to get to capture the moments in between.  Have a beautiful day everyone!  Take a moment to look around at the gifts that surround you and give thanks.


Cute babies. Period.

Merry Christmas ya’ll!  I’m frantically trying to keep up with all the shoots I’ve been doing during this holiday season!  So this blog is just for fun!  I couldn’t resist sharing some photos of these 2 perfectly adorable baby girls!  I hope you enjoy!

Check out the dimples.

And you wouldn’t know it from these pics, but at first she was super shy and unsure of me.  Yah, that didn’t last.  She was all grins during our shoot.

It’s the little things I notice and love about babies.  Like the way she’s furrowing her eyebrows.  Like she’s concerned.


And then little K with her energetic 2 year old ways.  I had to give her a sucker to try to get her to stop moving.  It worked, but just long enough to get this pic.  :)

“Wait…where did I leave my purse?”

“Whatever take my pic and get it over with!”  Haha

Oh how I love my job.  I crack up the WHOLE time!

Baby Smiles! ~ Allison Carenza Kansas City Photographer

I wish I had a crazy awesome picture of a little one in a turkey costume on this warm Thanksgiving, but instead I have something pretty close.  I mean he’s cute, adorable really, but the theme is much more xmas, kinda like the macy’s parade.  :)

This is little Wyatt with his two crazy in love parents!  I haven’t seen Wyatt since he was itty bitty, but he is just as cute if not cuter!  He was oh so photogenic during our shoot.  Just see for yourself!

Oh and check out those little teeth.

Wyatt loves his daddy too!  I have no doubt he’ll want to grow up to be just like him.   See they live on a farm and his dad models hard work all year long.  I have a soft spot in my heart for farm boys.  They’re always so tough, hard working, and never bored!

At the end of the shoot we wanted to get a few with his bear hat, but he wasn’t havin’ it, so we quickly  took it off, and he was all smiles again.  I love this little boy!

I am so lucky to be the photographer that gets to photograph this little guy!  He is pure perfection.  And the parents are pretty fun too!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!